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The Sorry Series 2018

medium - woollen dust and archival glue on paper

(click on each image to see it in full)

These dust drawings are rooted in the central idea of psychoanalytic thought, that, even our most ordinary daily experience, we repress into the unconscious that which hurts us too much.  This idea is central to  my understanding of our destructive relationship with what we call ‘nature’, as if nature is something that exists outside of ourselves. Ultimately we are inconsistent and unreliable in accepting our duty of care to a shared environment, as if we can’t bear our closeness and interdependence.

The lattice form that gives structure to each image recalls the decorative screens of a confessional or harem; both places of theatricalised separation.

The wool dust is a reference to transience, but also evokes something softened or cushioned, as if to protect the vulnerable.

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