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Unbearable Heroes - current

“[My Theory of Relevant difference…has] to do primarily.. with being aware of oneself as a being that has a past and a future. .... The reason why [human] persons are important is that all of their experiences over time add up to something. They form a whole that is unified by these relations of memory and desire and intention and ambition etc. ...It’s why things matter to us about our own

futures. If there weren’t this kind of unity, I wouldn’t be related to my own future any more than I would to your future. “

                                       Philosopher, Jeff Mc Mahan

The Nonhuman Rights Project in the US explain their fight to secure ‘Personhood’ for specific (nonhuman) individuals by reminding that ‘the legal “thinghood” of all nonhuman animals is the primary obstacle to securing better protection for animals’.


If it is true that we once shared the natural environment more fairly and respectfully with other species, then we live in the aftermath of an enormous betrayal; a fundamental conflict and mourning for this primary allegiance.

In each of the sculptures in the series to which these works belong, is an implied link to an individual’s biography and experience.  The titles are extracted from the writings of early (ie.1st to 15th century) travelers about the peoples of other cultures they encountered in distant places.


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