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Bonita Alice is a Cape Town based visual artist.

She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.


She studied at the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Cape Town and lectured in several Fine Art Departments until 2003. She relocated to London in 2007, returning to South Africa in 2020.

Bonita Alice's studio practice reflects her interest in Animal studies, a growing, global, cross-disciplinary field in which attempts are made to better understand human-non-human animal relationships. Alice is particularly interested in aspects within psychology and psychoanalysis which she believes are useful in understanding the abuse of animals and the environment. 

"My practice reflects my preoccupation with the crisis of our age … environmental degradation and our apparent inability, as a species, to properly register our role in it; to act to rescue the situation and ultimately, ourselves.


My focus has long been with psychological matters and our relationship with other animals. In our resistance to the idea of the suffering and annihilation of other species, despite the intense emotional closeness we share with some of them, I suspect a kind of madness.


Psychology is concerned with the denial or disavowal of internal (or emotional) crises, which, unaddressed, may have external consequences whose effects impact not just ourselves.  Many of my works suggest a metaphorical (and, in some cases, a more direct) connection between collective human dysfunction and environmental catastrophe." BA 2017

Solo exhibitions : 

2015 - Strangers of Commanding Aspect - Gallery AOP,                                                                           Johannesburg, South Africa    

2012 -  Beast In A Dangerous Landscape - Gallery AOP,                                                                           Johannesburg, South Africa

2010 - Beast At Home - Gallery AOP, Johannesburg, South Africa

2007 - Anticipated Memory - Gallery AOP, Johannesburg, South                                                                                                           Africa

2005 - Promised Land - The Premises Gallery,  Civic Centre,                                                                           Johannesburg, South Africa

         - Promised Land  -  (Invitation Exhibition) US Museum and                               Art Gallery, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

         - Promised Land  - KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa

2001/2  -  Giving And Not Giving - Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape                                                                                           Town, South Africa

               - Giving And Not Giving -  Millennium Gallery,                                                                                      Johannesburg,  South Africa

1994  -  Exhibition of new Sculptural Works -  Everard Read Contemporary Gallery,  Johannesburg   

1990  -  Exhibition of sculpture - Goodman Galleries,                                                                                         Johannesburg, South Africa



Group exhibitions include 


2022 - Jan-Ken Paa/Paper – Studio/Gallery no.3 SPG,                                                                                              Muizenberg, Cape Town 2021 - Cubicles Series – Eremocene – Everard Read Cape Town

2020 - Against Interpretation? – Exhibition of Work By South                                                           African Artists, Everard Read London 

2017 -   Exhibition of new works with Beverley Paton, Creek                                                                                   Creative, Faversham, UK

2017 –  Summer Salon -  Lubomirov Angus-Hughes, London, UK

2017 –  Antennae – Lubomirov Angus-Hughes, London  and                                                                                 Platforms Project, Athens

2016 –  Dr Dolittle’s Daughters – Exhibition with artist, Fiona                        McDonald (of Feral Practice), and discussion with Art      

              Historian, Yvette Gresle, at V22, Louise House, Forest Hill,                                                                                                      London

2015 –  Anonymous Drawings, Galerie Nord | Kunstverein                                                                               Tiergardten, Berlin, Germany 

2015 –  A5, Art Athina, Athens, Greece…. Project by Lubomirov-                                                                                             Easton, London

2014 –  Jerwood Drawing Prize, UK, traveling exhibition

2014 –  A5, Art Athina, Athens, Greece…. Project by Lubomirov-                                                                                             Easton, London

2010 -  Halakasha – (Exhibition of Artworks and objects relating                 to African football) - WAM, University of the                                                                                          Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

2008  -  Exhibition of contemporary South African Art - Myerson                                                                                 Fine Art, London, UK 

2006  - Launch of Johannesburg Art Bank, Johannesburg Art                                                                                                               Gallery

2006  - Exhibition of 3 artists' work about Johannesburg,                                                                                     Johannesburg Art Gallery

2002  -   Sao Paulo Bienal Commission of two-part site-specific                                                               work entitled Spirit I and Spirit II

2000  -  A.R.E.A. ...  Exhibition of Contemporary South African Art,                                                                      National Gallery of Iceland

1999  -  The Paper Show ...  Goodman Galleries, Johannesburg,                                                                                                  South Africa

1999  -  Emergence ...  25 Years of South African Art, National                                                                         Arts Festival,  Grahamstown

1999  -  Urban Futures  ...  Museum Africa, Johannesburg 


1998  -  !Xoe Site-Specific ... Exhibition of site-specific works,                                                                          Nieu- Bethesda, South Africa


Bonita Alice's work is held by the Everard Read London gallery and can be viewed on request.

See also the artist's blog at for images, and writing by the artist and others.

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